T Rex Biography

Band Information

Music Style: Glam Rock, Folk Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1967-1977


Marc Bolan
Steve Peregrin Took
Mickey Finn
Bill Legend
Steve Currie
Herbie Flowers
Dino Dines
Tony Newman
Jack Green
Gloria Jones
Dave Lutton
Tony Visconti


T. Rex was an English rock band that achieved success in the 70’s as a glam rock group. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Marc Bolan in August of 1967. The band first gained moderate success as an acoustic band playing eccentric, pastoral folk songs.

The band really gained their success when they switched to playing music with a true rock sound. During this time, the band was getting to go along the lines of taking the glam rock route. This era began with the release of the band’s album titled T. Rex in 1970. the album began to carry a more pop-oriented rock sound. The release of this album, coupled with frontman Bolan’s outrageous fashion sense on live performances, was said to have given birth to glam rock which would sweep through the UK and man y parts of Europe in the early 70’s.

The band then released their second album, Electric Warrior in 1971. this was considered by many to be the band’s best album and brought more success to the group. The single of the album, Get It On, became a hit both in the UK and US Charts. But it was the band’s third album, The Slider that gave T. Rex its most successful album in the US. The band later followed it with less successful albums. The band however ended its existence with the tragic death of Bolan of a car accident in 1977.


T. Rex – Released 1970
Electric Warrior – Released 1971
The Slider – Released 1972
Tanx – Released 1973
Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow – Released 1974
Bolan’s Zip Gun – Released 1975
Futuristic Dragon – Released 1976
Dandy in the Underworld – Released 1977

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